Our Story

Sun Power Automation was incorporated since 2004, specialist in Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Automation Business, servicing professional Consultants, Contractors and Panel Makers to provide the finest product range to the market.

Since then, our company has growth rapidly to become one of the leading electrical component supplier for all range of projects development throughout whole Malaysia and South-East Asia.
With our excellent relationship with overseas renowned manufacturer, we were appointed as EXCLUSIVE AGENTS in Malaysia for wide selection of electrical product with multi international brands.

Therefore, our ongoing commitment to the sustainability of the electrical sector, we employed in-house professional engineers with technical expertise and senior level estimator to provide the most effective and efficient product solutions and costing in order both our firm and clients can be assured their projects is of the utmost importance.

Our Mission


Our Vision


  • To achieve sustainable and steady growth of profits and to accomplish at least 10% on return of investment (ROI) for shareholders annually.


  • To become the top leading supplier in Transformer and MV Switchgear in Malaysia for the next coming years.


  • We pride ourselves in our commitment to our employees, safety and our longstanding client relationships built through many years of outstanding quality and integrity.


  • Expansion in product range with at least 3 new branding exclusive distributor yearly.