DELAB NV-6s / 8s / 14s

Digital Power Factor Regulator NV-6s, NV-8s, NV-14s

Built-in RS-485 MODBUS RTU isolated communication

*Comply to IEC-61000-6-2/6-4 Standards ; IEC 60255-27-Clause

  • True RMS Measurement
  • Displacement Power Factor (Cosφ) & True Power Factor (PF) Info
  • LED Indication for Individual Step
  • Auto / Manual Operation
  • Automatic Detection of C.T. Polarity
  • Automatic C/K Detection & Rated Individual Secondary Step Value
  • Automatic or Preset Switching Programs
  • Operation Frequency according to Network Frequency
  • Minimum Operation @ < l% Load
  • No Voltage Release Function
  • Secondary Current(I)/ Voltage(V)/ Frequency(Hz) Info
  • Secondary Active Power(W)/ Secondary Reactive Power(Var) Info
  • THD Monitoring for Voltage & Current
  • Individual Harmonic Spectrum Info up to 15th order for Voltage & Current
  • Capacitors Utilization Monitoring for Utilization
  • Hour Run & Switching Count
  • Programmable Over Voltage & THD-V Alarm
  • Dedicated Signal Alarm Output for:
    – Under / Over Compensate
    – Under / Over Voltage
    – Overload, THD-V Limit High, Frequency Out of Range & C.T. Polarity Error
  • Dedicated Exhaust Fan Control
  • Software Lock to Prevent Unauthorized setting
  • Built-in RS-485 MODBUS RTU isolated communication

    Additional Feature:
    – Individual Harmonic Spectrum Info up to 15th order for Voltage and Current
    * Alarm Output (Under / Over compensate / Over Voltage)

    Model Description
    NV-6s Power Factor Regulator NV-6s (Panel Cut-Out : 137 x 137mm)
    NV-8s Power Factor Regulator NV-8s (Panel Cut-Out : 137 x 137mm)
    NV-14s Power Factor Regulator NV-14s (Panel Cut-Out : 137 x 137mm)
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