(obsolete) LS Inverter iP5A

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Starvert iP5A Series
Inverter(HVAC And Light Industrial)

3 Phase, 380~480V, 50-60Hz input / 0-120Hz output
Fan and Pump Load : 5.5kW ~ 450kW (7.5HP ~ 600HP)
Sensorless Vector Control

–  Volts/Hertz & Senserless Vector Control
– Variable Torque For HVAC & Pump
– Built-in (RS485) communication port
– Fan & Pump overload : 110% 1 minute
– Built-in PID Process Control
– Maximum Carrier frequency 15kHz
– Motor parameter auto-tuning
– Built-in Multi Motor Control (up to 90kw)

*All model come with LCD Keypad.

ModelCapacityBraking ChopperFull Load Amps (A)IP Protection
SV1100iP5A-4110150 223 
SV1320iP5A-4132200 264 
SV1600iP5A-4160250 325 
SV2200iP5A-4220300 432 
SV2800iP5A-4280350 547 
SV3150iP5A-4315400 613 
SV3750iP5A-4375500 731 
SV4500iP5A-4450600 877 
Optional :
LCD KeypadFor remote use or replacement
Remote Cable2 meters

Exhaust, Process, Smoke Spill, Cooling Tower, Humidity Control, Fresh Air and etc.

Chill Water Pump, Condenser Water Pump, Process, Transfer Water, Water Treatment, Pressure Control, Cooling Water Pump and etc.

Air Handling Units, Blowers, Dryers and etc.

* 3Ø 200~230V Drive and other accessories will be quoted upon request.