SPD (for JKR project)

OBO BETTERMANN Surge Protective Device

  • Modular pluggable type.
  • Combination of Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) + Gas Discharge Tube (GDT).
  • Full range tested to Class 1, 2 protection
  • Visual mechanical flag indicator.
  • FS – Remote alarm signalling contact.
  • Maximum continuous voltage Uc : 280V.
  • Tested by OVE.
  • Standard of compliance IEC 61643-11:2011
  • JKR Approved (80) DLM.JKRL(PM) 5/1/4-25


Full Mode Protection (6+1 Configuration)

Model KA per phase No.of Poles Application Type/Class
10/350µs 8/20µs
V80-6+NPE+FS-280 12.5kA 80KA 7P MSB I, II
V20-6+NPE+FS-280 40KA 7P SSB, DB II
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